Project Design

Aerbin supports AEC consultants in the planning and projecting phase in choosing the correct solutions for waste systems. That is our most important job; to help consultants with projects regarding waste chutes, placement of pipes, waste storage, installation of docking points and choosing the best solution for a waste disposal system.

We wish to be part of the process, from the beginning to the end, which is why we help architects and engineers to choose the correct solution for waste disposal in the initial project design phase.

This also includes models for coordination in varies BIM/3D software.

We Support the AEC industry

The most important task for us is to assist architects and engineers in the preliminary phase to choose the right waste disposal system; be it waste chutes, placement of pipes, tank compartments or deployment of docking points - it is part of our DNA.

Buildability is Secured

Consider a waste system from the beginning and avoid significant changes in the latter stages of the project. We ensure that waste systems are part of the planning and design phase, making room for all elements, including, what we believe is the most important, solutions for waste disposal.

Projects with Aerbin

We specialise in waste and how to get rid of it. By including us in the outline/project proposal, the client is sure to have specialists in the field of planning, design and executing a solution for waste disposal systems.

During the outline/project proposal phase, it is essential to get a handle on the necessary measurements for waste compartments, getting the correct size and shape, so there is room for the facility.

We have expertise and experience with regards to sustainable solutions for waste. We gladly make suggestions regarding the placement of the systems. Bring us along from the beginning and avoid collisions with the foundation, pipes and problems with electrical wiring etc.

Digital Objects

We live in a digital age, where digitisation of components is in high demand. All of our components are, therefore, naturally, digitised as Revit Families, IFC models and DWG models. We gladly deliver the files to architects and engineers, who can use them during the design phase to achieve a better result.


Get in contact with our COO

Frank Saysette-Rasmussen

Phone: +45 20 27 15 21


<p>&#8220;When we were to design Munkebjerg Park (Odense &#8211; Denmark), it was an indispensable requirement that smells from the waste site should be minimized. Aerbin suggested that we install the mobile pneumatic solution with a street level docking point, to which the waste could be vacuumed directly from the waste tanks in the basement. We can now offer our renters an odorless, easy and hygienic waste management, while we have achieved a saving on renovation costs.&#8221; Frederik Barfoed, CEO &#8211; Barfoed Group A/S</p>