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We are the total supplier to the renovation industry. This applies to everything from mobile solutions to tailor-made stationary solutions with unique expansion possibilities in the form of linen vacuum collection and semi or completely underground waste containers.

This means, among other things, that we help the healthcare sector with creating and sustaining a cleaner and more environmentally friendly workplace at hospitals and nursing homes – everything is done with correct, sustainable handling of waste and linen.

Healthcare solutions

We help hospitals and nursing homes handle linens and waste. We ensure that all handling is done through a separate and closed piping system from each department/floor to one or more terminals on the outskirts of the area – a practical solution, ensuring proper and environmentally friendly handling.

Our solutions for the healthcare sector ensure a pure and clean work and patient environment.

Our solutions reduce the spread of infection because of the lack of physical contact with waste or dirty linen. Less manual handling is needed and therefore an improvement of the work environment – and fewer resources required for the activity.

More and more resources are transferred from actual healthcare to additional tasks, including waste management and sorting. We help with freeing resources so staff can focus on their core activity; caring for patients.


With a linen vacuum system, the healthstaff contact with the dirty linen is minimized, which limits the risk of infection.

Resources and Ergonomics

Any transport of linen is automatic without the involvement of people or transport vehicles, making more time and resources available for care.

Underground containers

We offer modern, aesthetic waste management solutions where the waste container are buried in the ground with a fully or partially buried inlet above the ground.

There are two types: an entirely buried waste facility or a partially buried waste facility.

The facilities are available in different designs and models. They are easily adapted to architecture and scenery.

The facilities are nearly free from maintenance and emptying is done either with hydraulic raising or with a crane, which makes these waste solutions aesthetical and functional.

These waste solutions provide many opportunities for collecting waste and recyclable materials such as glass, paper, textiles plus refuse and bio-waste.


The installation of partially and fully buried containers is easily and speedily done.


A lot of waste can be stored with a minimal effect on the scenery.

Alternative to Automated Solutions

If there is no room for mobile, compact or fractional solutions in a project or renovation, partially or fully buried containers are the solution.

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Other Solutions

<p><strong>Semi underground containers</strong></p> <p>As a total supplier in waste solutions for residential buildings, we also supply and install semi underground containers in 1,5m³, 3m³ and 5m³. This as supplement to a pneumatic solution or as a stand-alone solution.</p> <p><strong>Underground containers</strong></p> <p>When the footprint from your waste solution should be as invisible as possible and the pneumatic solution is excluded, the underground container solution is the one you want. We supply and install 3, 4 and 5m³ containers</p>