Mobile solution

An ultramodern waste management system that makes it easier and more comfortable for residents in smaller apartments building and urban areas to get rid of their waste.

The mobile pneumatic solution is a acknowledged waste management solution, where waste is stored in tanks that are emptied 1-3 times a week by a vacuum waste collection vehicle made for this specific purpose. Our mobile solutions are among the market’s most innovative and stable, where quality materials and competent advice go hand in hand.

For housing blocks with up to 20 floors, this solution is the most advantageous and economical.

Removing waste facilities
The mobile vacuum waste solution is stable and sustainable, hence, undesirable smells usually related to waste storage rooms are eliminated as our systems are closed.

When residents deliver their waste in our internal or external waste shafts, the waste is stored in a closed tank that is emptied by the local refuse collector.

The solution is dependent on the presence of a vacuum waste collection vehicle

Automated collection
The frequency of emptying depends on the refuse collector, the size of the tank and the number of homes. The containers are typically emptied 1-3 times a week.

This waste management technique ensures a sustainable and clean environment around the waste management area since service workers avoids manual handling of traditional waste containers.

Clean enviroments

In addition, this waste solution contributes to preventive pest control because the system is closed, eliminating accessibility, e.g. mice and rats. At the same time, a closed system prevents attraction of flies or other insects.


Future proofing and flexibility go hand in hand. We can accommodate both. and if it is only a connection of more waste containers, it is a minor intervention in connection with the additional construction, courtyard renovation or the like.

Reduced Costs for Waste Management

Mobile vacuum waste collection keep expenses down. Expenses for waste management are often decreased.


The maximum distance between a refuse collection truck and the most farthest tank is 400 meters. Within this range, an unlimited amount of containers can be attached. Increasing the number of docking points increases flexibility and capacity.

Waste Fees

In regards to fees, we assist in calculating possible savings in waste management and the settling of the bill. Remember that waste fees depend on your municipality. There are general savings to be had when setting up automated vacuum waste collection system instead of regular waste solutions.

No More Obnoxious Smells

We take away the well-known, foul-smelling waste containers and replace them with our buried and built-in solutions, which save space - and at the same time create a better and cleaner courtyard environment.

What is the mobile solution?

Mobile vacuum waste collection came into existence back in the 1980s: Today the technology is a well-known and recognised method within the waste management industry. The technique is widespread in the Nordic countries. An agreement with the local waste management company is needed since they have to service the area in question with a specially designed waste management truck – also called a vacuum waste collection vehicle.

The truck’s ability to park and empty the installation without disturbing traffic needs to be considered when establishing an automated vacuum waste collection system.

However, before we even get that far, we need to have a plan. Aerbin acts as an advisor within the field of mobile vacuum waste solutions. Ultimately, it is the municipality/local authorities in question that have to approve the solution and placement of docking points.

Of course, we are available for advising and sparring with regards to installing mobile vacuum waste solutions.


All of our installations are custom made to the individual apartment building or urban area. We are, therefore, always a part of the design phase of facilities - often from start to finish. We design in Revit and coordinate with all professional groups, ensuring that the installation is integrated correctly by building regulations, the demands and work environment of the individual municipality.


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