Fraction solutions

Strengthen your green profile with an innovative, sustainable fraction installation – an ideal solution for waste management in urban areas and larger apartment buildings. The advanced stationary automated vacuum waste system can service homes up to two kilometres from the central facility – which makes it well suited for fractions like residual waste, small waste, cardboard, paper and plastic.

A modern, space-saving installation with a focus on greener and more sustainable profile for urban areas, is a characteristic of our fraction solutions.

This type of installation is typically used with residual waste volumes exceeding 10m³/day.

Ecological footprint
Sustainability is the key, which is why we have our fraction solutions.

Our fraction solutions ensure that waste is only collected when needed, which limits the CO2 impact compared to other waste management solutions.

Easily build-in

More significant fraction solutions can advantageously be included in the design phases of new urban districts and in the renewal of urban areas. It is possible to place the waste container in smaller storage rooms while keeping waste inlets at ground level.

Removing waste from your eyesight
All handling of waste is conducted in a central facility, where all mechanical parts and accumulating containers also are placed.

The big question has always been: How do we avoid storing waste in courtyards?

With an automated vacuum waste collection system divided into fractions, storing waste in areas similar to courtyards is partially or completely avoidable. The only visible element of waste management is the waste inlet, which is specially designed for the different fractions.

Waste inlets are placed according to wishes and needs.

Pollution and Environment

By including waste fraction solutions in city planning, the CO2 impact from garbage trucks is reduced, as these vehicles will collect waste from one place instead of numerous places around the city.


Waste sorting is possible in bigger and smaller installations. Our stationary solutions can be extended to satisfy all waste management needs, which offers the opportunity to remove several fractions such as minor cardboard, plastic, bio-waste and paper.

Better Visibility and No Obnoxious Smells

Traditional trash cans are unhygienic and take up too much space on the street. This is avoided with a fraction solution.

Eliminate Vermin

All our solutions are closed systems. Therefore, it is impossible for mice, rats and other vermin to reach the waste.

Clean Areas

Facilities around waste management areas with a fraction solution, are easily kept nice and clean, because no crammed trash cans are on streets or in courtyards, which limits inconveniences such as insects and undesirable smells.

Less CO2

The fraction solution is the greenest and most sustainable waste management solution. In a world with a significant focus on minimizing energy consumption, this solution is the green choice in urban renewal and development projects.

Waste management vehicles in the city are the past with a fraction solution. Fewer vehicles mean less traffic in the area, which ultimately reduces the impact of CO2, NOx etc.

Our waste containers are intelligent and feature different sensors that provide data to make sure that the waste is only collected when needed. Collecting half-filled containers is a thing of the past.

The fraction solution is the natural choice for the responsible project developer focused on waste sorting and the environment.


Our fraction installation helps residents with the sorting of their waste. It could be, e.g. residual waste, cardboard, paper and plastic. For every fraction, one matching container is placed. The individual fractions are collected separately when the accumulation container is full. By using modern technology and IoT, all fractions are put in the appropriate container.


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<p>Ceres Byen &#8211; Aarhus, Denmark<br /> Ceres City is a new, inspiring district in the heart of Aarhus. The district is an open invitation to everyone to enter a living environment, where beautiful old buildings, modern architecture and green environments form the framework of homes, businesses, shops and educational environments.</p> <p>About 2,000 people get their homes in Ceres City, where 1,100 attractive homes are being built. At VIA University College, 5,500 students will have their daily time, as well as shops and businesses will also get addresses in Ceres City. It allows for living, working and reading in the district. <a href="">explore</a></p>