Compact Solutions

Get rid of undesirable smells and traditional waste management with our compact, space-saving automated vacuum waste collection system – well suited for apartment blocks and similar buildings with a limited waste volume of 10m³/day and a range of 300 meters from inlet to dumpster.

This is the right solution for buildings where optimization of space  in connection with waste management is desired.. This particular waste solution is designed for household garbage but can be expanded to involve more fractions if required.


Minimizing Operational Costs
Prolonged storage of waste in garbage rooms close to buildings or courtyards is avoided with a compact solution. Residents will not experience crammed waste containers or dumpsters as waste is transported directly from internal and external waste shafts to an accumulation container on multiple occasions every day.

Therefore, service workers are in minimal contact with waste adding hygienic and occupational health benefits to this solution.

Since the waste is inserted directly into a chute and transported instantly to a closed system, the risk of infestation is minimized. The area of waste management is simultaneously kept nice and clean.

Frequency of Emptying
The waste is vacuumed into an accumulation container on one or several occasions on a daily basis, eliminating obnoxious smells and visible, crammed waste containers. The number of garbage trucks in the area is also minimized because the frequency of emptying is adapted to the specific installation.

Due to less handling of waste, resource consumption is also lesser than with traditional waste management solutions. Containers can easily be placed on the outskirts of a block or urban area, minimizing traffic for the residents in the area.

Solutions That Are Adjusted Accordingly
A compact solution can be constructed in many varieties, accommodating wishes and needs. Our solutions are always tailored to the present conditions with a possibility of further development on a later stage.

Remember to Include Waste Management in the Design Phase
Avoid considerable change due to lack of early focus on waste management. We guarantee that waste management will be included in the planning and design phase to make room for all elements.


The right solution for blocks or smaller urban areas with a waste volume of 10m³ á day.

Less Consumption of Energy

The external waste shafts can be fitted with sensors; meaning that they will only be emptied when needed, which reduces the overall energy consumption.

Minimal Use of Space

This permanent, compact solution uses the least amount of space.

Less CO2 Emissions

Help our planet by having a green profile when choosing a stationary solution. It is a win-win situation.

Eliminate Vermin

Our stationary solutions are closed systems. They make sure that mice, rats and other vermin cannot enter the system.

What is the compact solution?

The compact solution is a modern, space-saving, stationary waste management solution focusing on cheap and easy waste management for residents in apartment blocks and smaller urban areas.


We do not only have just one solution when it comes to compact solutions. Our installations are custom made to the project in question, which is why we wish to be involved from the design phase. The earlier we are involved, the earlier we can advise and instruct on how to achieve optimal integration of a modern, capable waste management systems.


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